What is PEPE Coin? The Story Behind PEPE Meme Coin

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Pepe Coin is the latest sensation in the crypto world, with a market cap of over $100 million in a very short period of time. So what is Pepe Coin?


This article takes a closer look at the popular meme’s history and how it became a symbol of the crypto world.

Origins of Pepe Meme

Pepe the Frog is a cartoon character created by Matt Fury, appearing in the “Boys Club” comic book in 2005. However, the character only became famous in 2008 when it became a meme on sites like 4chan and Myspace.

Pepe is an emotionally versatile character, and there is always a Pepe picture suitable for any given situation.

Controversies Around Pepe

Around 2016, during Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, Pepe memes became associated with the alt-right and were used as hate symbols by his supporters.

Pepe’s popularity among Trump supporters led to his opponent, Hillary Clinton, branding the meme as “horrifying.”

Pepe became an even more controversial symbol after Trump’s victory, with Fury trying to put the character back in the box. He even sued several individuals and organizations that used Pepe to spread extreme right-wing ideas.

Fury’s efforts to reclaim Pepe were explored in a 2020 documentary, “Pepe the Frog Feels Good Man.”

Pepe and the Crypto World

Pepe became a symbol of anti-government protests in Hong Kong in 2019 and 2020, and more recently, it has found a new home in the crypto world.

The character’s association with internet culture makes it a natural fit for crypto.

Pepe NFTs appeared on counterparty, built on top of Bitcoin, in 2016. The character’s popularity among the crypto community is evident on platforms like Twitter, where Pepe appears daily.

Pepe Coin’s Rise to Popularity

Pepe Coin has become the talk of the town in the crypto world, with its market cap crossing $100 million in a short time. The coin boasts a supply of 420 trillion 690 billion 420 meme fans and a Twitter account that claims it’s “the most memeable meme coin in existence.”

Pepe’s popularity has sent the crypto market into a frenzy, with tales of bull market gains, mooning, and an increase in trading volume for the likes of Uniswap and an almighty spike in Ethereum gas fees.

While Pepe’s popularity is a welcome relief from all the serious headlines around crypto, others view it as just more meme coin madness.

Final Thoughts

Pepe’s history shows the character’s versatility, from becoming a symbol of hate to anti-government protests to a crypto sensation.

Pepe Coin’s rise to popularity demonstrates the power of memes in the crypto world, and while it may be viewed as just another meme coin, its impact on the market cannot be ignored.




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