VOLKOSOB — The Wolf-Dog Hybrids — Defended Russia’s Borders for Years

3 min readMar 28, 2022


The monster with such an excellent name, Volkosob, is a wolf and dog hybrid. It is scarce in the wild, as long as a wolf and a dog have mated, but the chances are meager. The volkosob is a very dangerous beast as it has strength and ferocity but is not afraid of people. Fortunately, a volkosob usually is born from a planned mating of a dog and a gray wolf.


Facts About VOLKOSOB

At first, wolfdogs were bred by representatives of one of the military institutes by crossing German shepherds and gray wolves. It may be prohibited by the law in many regions to own a volkosob.

Faster At Searching and Finding

Moreover, this result was confirmed more than once in practice; to search and find a person in a dark and closed space, the volkosob needed only 20 seconds. While the German Shepherd set the previous standard record, it took him 4 minutes to find the person.

Buying a Volkosob in Russia is not a problem.

Buying a Volkosob in the Russian Federation is not a problem because, formally, these creatures are not considered particularly dangerous, which requires certain specific states of detention. You can buy such a monster (without breaking the law) even while living in a condominium. Moreover, it will cost you less: a friendly puppy will cost around $100, and for a more genuine wolfdog, you will have to pay the breeder around $150.

More Aggressive and Fearlesss

Despite the established generalization of a mix of fearlessness, strength, aggressiveness, and endurance, the ways of the wolf (like some other animals) are quite different from each other. Also, the wolf’s blood level chooses the decisive job.

The parents’ heritage and training entirely fix these features. Therefore, it is recommended to have a volkosob dog only for people who already have experience training large and powerful aggressive dogs. With a legit way to handle the training of an impressive volkosob, you can earn a trusted beast friend and reliable protector.

Why Volkosobs Are Unique?

In addition, the breeds of volkosobs raised from their youth together with different dogs coexist very well with them. In any case, as a rule, they exhibit their strength in the pack mainly. Suppose the volkosob dog shows no signs of neophobia, anxiety, or fear towards anything new at this stage. In that case, it will be straightforward with him during the time spent on training and socialization. These volkosob dogs are strangely curious, dynamic, and friendly.

Volkosob dogs are pack animals, so they coexist with different dogs. To eliminate any risk of misunderstanding between your pets, it is good to buy them young and raise them together. Then, at this time, they will get used to each other and begin to see each other as members of one pack, the undoubted leader, which is the owner. Otherwise, it will be a wild pack, which will become dangerous for people.

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